The symbiosis of nature and mind is rarely more revealed to me than when exposed to the intense flow of energy moved onshore by the ocean. With this series, I wanted to explore the infinite force and natural beauty of the sea, to which I have such deep emotional connection, in the context of the unified, dynamic and harmonized structure of cosmos.

Whatever procession of events life creates, each enjoyed for whatever it brings, disturbs not the premise that a lifetime remains constant. Each experience is meant to be shown from the perspective of the ocean as one entity, constantly recasting the shore, creating harmony beyond what immediately meets the eye. From morning to sunset, with high tide and low tide, the constant energy of the sea lingers well into the twilight hour.

When nightfall takes over and we reach that strange place between being awake and sleep, nature and mind may more easily merge. The dreamy sequences can be seen as images from another planet representing overall consistency in space and time. To me, they also express our conscious mind set free from worldly worries and anxieties, slowly drifting into that comforting phase of reflection and balance.

The images in the Sanctuary Series are offered as limited edition only, comprising twenty signed fine art prints and two artist proofs. The images were captured in Northern California.