The mystical feel created for brief moments by light has always enthralled me. With this series, I wanted to explore the captivating appearance of light waves, as one can sometime catch a glimpse of them by the ocean due to their reflective aptitude when expressed through different media found in nature.

These phenomena can be perceived all around us, if one is open to noticing them. Under favorable circumstances, water, clouds and fog interact with the relative angle of the sun to produce striking effect. Each experience whether a late hour reflection of copper and silver toned cliffs in the waves, magnification of the sun’s beam through a foggy winter afternoon, the setting of the sun as a fog bank moves onshore, or the open skyscape at twilight signifies different facets of the mysticism of the sea.

A light of ray traveling from one medium to another, generating innumerable impressions for us to enjoy and to make our own, can suit a mood we’re in or simply create one for us to embrace.

The images in the Mystique Series are offered as limited edition only, comprising twenty signed fine art prints and two artist proofs. These images were captured in Northern California.